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Accepted Papers

A List of Papers Accepted to the Academic Research Track

Long Papers:

1.   Localhost Detour from Public to Private Networks

      Yehuda Afek, Bremler Bremler-Barr, Dor Israeli and Alon Noy

2.   Generating One-Hot Maps under Encryption

      Ehud Aharoni, Nir Drucker, Eyal Kushnir, Ramy Masalha and Hayim Shaul

3.   Robust Group Testing-Based Multiple-Access Protocol for Massive MIMO

      George Vershinin, Asaf Cohen and Omer Gurewitz

4.   New Approach for Sine and Cosine in Secure Fixed-Point Arithmetic  

      Stan Korzilius and Berry Schoenmakers

5.   A new interpretation for the GHASH authenticator of AES-GCM

      Shay Gueron

6.   Fast  ORAM  with Server-aided Preprocessing and Pragmatic Privacy-Efficiency Trade-off 

      Vladimir Kolesnikov, Stanislav Peceny, Ni Trieu and Xiao Wang

7.   Pseudo-Random Walk on Ideals: Practical Speed-Up in Relation Collection for Class Group Computation

      Madhurima Mukhopadhyay and Palash Sarkar

8.   Building blocks for LSTM homomorphic evaluation with TFHE             

      Daphné Trama, Aymen Boudguiga, Renaud Sirdey and Pierre-Emmanuel Clet

9.   The use of Performance-Counters to perform side-channel attacks

      Ron Segev and Avi Mandelson

10. How Hardened is Your Hardware? Guiding ChatGPT to Generate Secure Hardware Resistant to CWEs             Madhav Nair, Rajat Sadhukhan and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

11. Efficient Extended GCD and Class Groups from Secure Integer Arithmetic  

      Toon Segers and Berry Schoenmakers

12. CANdito: Improving Payload-based Detection of Attacks on Controller Area Networks        

      Stefano Longari, Carlo Alberto Pozzoli, Alessandro Nichelini, Michele Carminati and Stefano Zanero

13. HAMLET: A Transformer Based Approach for Money Laundering Detection   

      Maria Paola Tatulli, Tommaso Paladini, Mario D'Onghia, Michele Carminati and Stefano Zanero

14. Evaluating the Robustness of Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems against Evasion Attacks        

      Maria Paola Tatulli, Tommaso Paladini, Mario D'Onghia, Michele Carminati and Stefano Zanero

15. Improving Physical Layer Security of Ground Stations Against GEO Satellite Spoofing Attacks

      Rajnish Kumar and Shlomi Arnon

16. On adaptively secure prefix encryption under LWE

      Giorgos Zirdelis

17. Midgame Attacks and Defense Against Them

      Donghoon Chang and Moti Yung

18. On Distributed Randomness Generation in Blockchains          

      Ilan Komargodski and Yoav Tamir

19. Using Machine Learning Models for Earthquake Magnitude Prediction in California, Japan and Israel                Deborah Novick and Mark Last

20. Hollow-Pass: A Dual-View Pattern Password Against Shoulder-Surfing Attacks        

      Jiayi Tan and Dipti K. Sarmah

21. SigML: Supervised Log Anomaly with Fully Homomorphic Encryption

      Devharsh Trivedi, Aymen Boudguiga and Nikos Triandopoulos

Short Papers:
1.   HBSS: (Simple) Hash-Based Stateless Signatures -- Hash all the way to the Rescue!
 Shlomi Dolev, Avraam Yagudaev and Moti Yung
2.   A Bag of Tokens Neural Network to Predict Webpage Age           
      Klaas Meinke, Tamis van der Laan, Tiberiu Iancu and Ceyhun Cakir
3.   Correlations Between (Nonlinear) Combiners of Input and Output of Random Functions and Permutations 
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
4.   Practical Improvements on BKZ Algorithm
Ziyu Zhao and Jintai Ding
5.   Deep Neural Networks for Encrypted Inference with TFHE    
 Andrei Stoian, Jordan Frery, Roman Bredehoft, Luis Montero, Celia Kherfallah and Benoit Chevallier-Mames
6.   A Fusion-Based Framework for Unsupervised Single Image Super-Resolution       
Divya Mishra, Itai Dror, Ofer Hadar, Daniel Choukroun, Shimrit Maman and Dan G. Blumberg
7.   Efficient Skip Connections Realization for Secure Inference on Encrypted Data
  Nir Drucker and Itamar Zimmerman
8.   Enhancing Ransomware Classification with Multi-Stage Feature Selection and Data Imbalance Correction
      Faithful Chiagoziem Onwuegbuche, Anca Delia Jurcut and Liliana Pasquale
9.   Single Instance Self-Masking via Permutations
      Asaf Cohen, Pawel Cyprys and Shlomi Dolev 
10. On the existence of highly organized communities in networks of locally interacting agents    
   Yannis Stamatiou, Panagiotis Nastou, Paul Spirakis and Vasiliki Liagkou    
11. Patch or Exploit? NVD Assisted Classification of Vulnerability-Related Github Pages

      Lucas Miranda, Caina Pereira, Daniel Sadoc Menasché and Anton Kocheturov 
12. Improving Performance in Space-Hard Algorithms
  Hatice Guner, Ceyda Mangır and Oğuz Yayla    
13. A Desynchronization-Based Countermeasure Against Side-Channel Analysis of Neural Networks
Jakub Breier, Dirmanto Jap, Xiaolu Hou and Shivam Bhasin
14. PPAuth: A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Authentication of Digital Image    
    Riyanka Jena, Priyanka Singh and Manoranjan Mohanty 
15. A survey of security challenges in Automatic Identification System (AIS) Protocol
Silvie Levy, Ehud Gudes and Danny Hendler    

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