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Call for Pitches for the Entrepreneur (Pitch) Track

Entrepreneurship Pitch Track Submission

Deadline December 9th, 2024

Final Submission Deadline on a first come first served basis.

All Entrepreneurship Pitches should be submitted by sending to nhsa 'at'

The Symposium is an international forum for researchers, entrepreneurs and practitioners in the theory, design, analysis, implementation, or application of cyber security, cryptography and machine learning systems and networks, and, in particular, of conceptually innovative topics in the scope, however, pitches do not have to remain within the scope of this conference. Pitches are open to any scope.


Entrepreneurs: (including those in startup companies and those who just have brilliant ideas) are invited to submit a presentation of a short pitch which will be presented in front of VC's and industry representatives. An entrepreneurship pitch submission must be either a powerpoint presentation (about 6 slides) or a one-pager (PDF abstract).


Authors of the entrepreneurship pitch submissions - please note that the submissions will not be NDA protected.

Submissions for the Entrepreneur (Pitch) Track

Entrepreneur (Pitch) Track: We have leading VC that are looking forward to exploring investment opportunities.
Accepted pitches will be presented during the "Entrepreneurship Pitch Track" in front of VCs and industry experts in the country. The best pitch will receive the Gavish prize of $500 In addition, the selected 3 best pitches will get a certificate of excellence of innovation.

Pitch Format: About 15 minutes (including a Q&A) accompanied by six page abstracts/pitch presentation. 

Submission Requirements: 

An entrepreneurship pitch submission is usually a one pager or pitch slide deck that must not exceed 6 single-column pages. 

(The authors of the entrepreneurship pitch track please note that the submissions will not be NDA protected)

Submission Deadline: first come first served

Submission to Pitch Track can be emailed to 

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