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Paper Submission Information

Conference presentations will have two formats​

1. Regular presentations

of 20-25 minutes accompanied by papers of up to 15 pages in the proceedings. This form is intended for contributions reporting on original research, submitted exclusively to this conference.

2. Brief Announcements

of 5-10 minutes accompanied by papers of up to 4 pages in the proceedings. Such submissions may describe work in progress or work presented elsewhere. The title of a brief announcement must begin with “Brief Announcement:”.

3. Entrepreneurship pitch

of 5-10 minutes accompanied by six page abstracts/pitch presentation. (See also:


Papers are to be submitted electronically in Easychair. Each submission must be in English, in PDF format, and begin with a cover page including: (1) the title, (2) the names and affiliations of all authors, (3) contact author’s email and address, (4) a couple of paragraphs abstract of the paper, (5) indication whether the paper is a regular submission, or an entrepreneurship pitch submission (the authors of the entrepreneurship pitch track please note

that the submissions will not be NDA protected).

A regular submission must not exceed 15 (LNCS formatted) single-column pages (excluding cover page and references). Additional necessary details may be included in a clearly marked appendix that will be read at the discretion of the program committee.


An entrepreneurship pitch submission must not exceed 6 single-column pages. All submissions must use LNCS format. Any submission deviating from these guidelines may be rejected without consideration of its merit.

It is recommended that a regular submission begin with a succinct statement of the problem or the issue being addressed, a summary of the main results or conclusions, a brief explanation of their significance, a brief statement of the key ideas, and a comparison with related work, all tailored to a non-specialist. Technical development of the work, directed to the specialist, should follow.


Papers outside of the conference scope will be rejected without review. If requested by the authors on the cover page, a regular submission can also be considered for the entrepreneurship pitch track.


Regular papers will be included in the Springer LNCS, Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


Extended and revised versions of selected papers will be considered for a special issue in the

Journal of Computer and System Sciences





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