Final Extension Deadline for Academic Submission February 18, 2022

Call for Papers

Academic Track Submission Deadline 7 February, Extension to 11 February, Extension to 15, February

Final Deadline Extension to 18 February, 2022 23:59 anywhere

Entrepreneurship Pitch Track Submission Deadline 12 June, 2022 23:59 anywhere 

PhD and Masters Student Research Track Submission Deadline 12 June, 2022 23:59 anywhere 

All Entrepreneurship Pitches should be submitted via Easy Chair or sent to nhsa 'at'

The Symposium is an international forum for researchers, entrepreneurs and practitioners in the theory, design, analysis, implementation, or application of cyber security, cryptography and machine learning systems and networks, and, in particular, of conceptually innovative topics in the scope.


The Symposium will have three tracks: Academic Research Track, Entrepreneurship Pitch Track, and PhD Masters Student Research Track. 


The Academic Research Track is for new and original research results. Researchers may submit either a regular presentation or a short paper. More information regarding submissions can be found on the submissions page.


Entrepreneurs are invited to submit a presentation of a short pitch which will be presented in front of VC's and industry representatives. An entrepreneurship pitch submission must not exceed a 6 page Powerpoint or PDF abstract. Authors of the entrepreneurship pitch submissions - please note that the submissions will not be NDA protected.


In addition, there is an opportunity for PhD and Masters students to submit their work in progress. This offers an opportunity to present their work in progress and to solicit comments from their peers, academicians, and industry experts. Accepted submissions will be gathered in a Technical Report of NHSA (just like previous year)

Proceedings will be published in Springer's LNCS, Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Please make sure to fill out and send to nhsa 'at' the LNCS Consent to Publish form. The form has to be signed by the authors of each paper, at least by the corresponding author.
Only authors employed by the EU (as an institution) should tick that particular box. If you work in a country in the European Union, you do NOT have to tick that box. Equally, the box for US Government employees should only be ticked by US Government employees.

To download the LNCS Consent to Publish form, click here.

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