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CodeGuru Xtreme (CGX):
Mini Hackathon

CodeGuru Xtreme (CGX) is a mini hackathon which will take place on June 28-30 as part of CSCML 2023.

The mini hackathon is sponsored by and in cooperation with Trellix Advanced Research Center (ARC)

Date: Wednesday, June 28 - Friday, June 30, 2023
Time: TBD

Location: This year the CodeGuru Xtreme (CGX) Hackathon will be a virtual event

Informational Session: Thursday, June 17:00 GMT

                For explanation videos with details for the competition.


                To register for the Hackathon and upload the challenges.

                To join the Hackathon: CodeGuru Xtreme (CGX)

CSCML 2023 will be held virtually via Zoom,

as such we have decided to offer FREE registration to all tracks.​
Please follow this link to our Event Registration page or email nhsa "at"

for more information and to register.

Hackathon_ Capture the Flag
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